︎ [Smithsonian’s Nat’l Zoo]

Recently, it feels like DC is an untamed political zoo.
So much so, that the city’s actual zoo seems a lot more civilized in comparison. 

︎ [Out-Of-Home]

Directing DC tourists to a less politically chaotic place.

︎ [Online Banners]

Placed in the politics section of major news outlets.

︎ [TV Spots]

David Attenborough narrates the drama that unfolds on Capitol Hill.

︎ [News Alerts]

People can sign up to receive non-terrifying, daily news updates from the zoo. 

︎ [Twitter]

Politics can get especially heated on Twitter. So, to add some lightheartedness to the Twittersphere, Marvin, the zoo’s macaw, will live tweet political events such as the Democratic debate.

︎ [VIP Invitations]

Nobody needs a break from politics quite like the politicians themselves. So, the zoo will send them curated invites with a free pass and plush toy. 

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