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Crosley record players are frequently purchased by younger listeners who are experiencing vinyl for the first time. To introduce this audience to vinyl, Crosley will both visually and verbally define the record-listening experience for them.

︎ Featured in Issue 2-2020 of Lurzer’s Archive ︎ Featured in Issue 2-2020 of Lurzer’s Archive 

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︎ [Ear Candy]

Ear Candy is a Valentine’s day pop-up that sells chocolate records featuring both love and anti-love anthems. Each chocolate record has one cut side with a single on it. It plays on a turntable and sounds just like a real LP.

︎ [SpeedWeed Partnership]

Crosley partners with Speed Weed to deliver a kit that includes your favorite artist’s LP and their preferred choice of “inspiration.”

︎ [Drizly Partnership]

Crosley partners with Drizly to create musical wine pairings through their app.

︎ [Burning Wax Candles]

Scents to set the ~mood~.

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