︎ [Blowfish Hangover Cure]

Blowfish hangover pills combine caffeine and aspirin to cure hangover symptoms and get you back to normal. Now, regular life can resume being the source of your anguish. 

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︎[NY Deli Activation]

Select delis in midtown and the financial district will run the blowfish special: a classic breakfast sandwich + a pre-mixed blowfish to get you back to normal before you get to work.


The hangover uniform brought to you by Blowfish.


‘Back on my bullfish’ hoodie


‘Life hurts so good’ baseball cap

︎[Rose-Tinted Sunglasses]

For your bleary eyes and your jaded perspective.

︎[Laptop Stickers]

‘Hate life, but only as much as usual’ laptop stickers


Made with Upasti Basappa